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Zinky Esq

Oct 17, 2008
Full Name
Chris Royle Esq
#1 we are updating the site software and security etc could we please have your thoughts on what can be done by way of improvement.

Please note that we will be changing the chatbox software for security reasons and we are not sure as to what this will be.

2018 has been a good year with Neptune and Matt (server chap) keeping the hackers at bay.

The pay-pall system is now fully running with all paid members on the new system (When your subscription runs out you automatically return to a registered user....... down to the individual user to renew. The system does send out notification that this has happened, but if your email address is not up to date you will never get the email...... could you all please check your email address are upto date)

We can not please everyone but we will try our best to get the site how you would like it for ease of navigation.

Thanks in advance