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Oct 17, 2008
Full Name
Chris Royle Esq
Name: Chris Royle
Also known as: Zinky
Lives: Woodley Cheshire
Hometown: Tenby, Pembrokeshire
Occupation: Retired Design/Construction Manager
Team: Angling Forums
Biggest Match weight: Cannot recall it may be the Glebe
Favourite bait: Depends where and the venue, like paste fishing
Favourite method: At the moment feeder
Favourite commercial venue: not sure trying to stay away these days
Favourite natural venue: Local Rode Pool, Bala, Esthwaite or any Wild water fishing, any method
Career highlights: non just enjoy fishing
Top Tip: Keep it simple travel light and enjoy the session
First Match: in 1963 fished for the Army Team at Manorbier, 2 of us juniors were lowered down to a rock ledge to fish the incoming tide, We battered every other angler and won the Team event
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Sep 14, 2009
Full Name
Ken Kendall
Name: Ken Kendall
Also known as: kenfish
Lives: Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Occupation: Retired wine advisor
Team: Rive How End
Biggest Match weight: 190lb+, Polemidia Reservoir, Cyprus
Favourite bait: worm
Favourite method: choppy or method
Favourite commercial venues: How End & Stafford Moor
Favourite natural venue: Great Ouse, Felmersham
Career highlights: Two National team winner medals
Top Tip: Enjoy each day
First Match: in 1966 fishing Vauxhall club match on Great Ouse at Radwell
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Jan 5, 2009
Full Name
Robert Bailey
Name: Robert Bailey
Also known as: RobB
Bollinton Cheshire
Hometown: Stockport
Occupation: Recently Retired Engineer
Team: LOL
Biggest Match weight: 173lb Rolfs and...... 173lb Glebe
Favourite bait: Pellet but enjoy a paste session as well
Favourite method: Short pole
Favourite commercial venue: Gleeeebe
Favourite natural venue: Dane (but not fished it for years :(
Career highlights: won residents match at White Acres (lowest weight ever 34lb lol)
Top Tip:
Enjoy it for what it is FISHING
First Match: No idea but fist time out was on Rudyard lake on the swing tip!
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Jan 7, 2009
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Full Name
Irvine Michael Hornby
Irvine hornby
Known as old git , grumpy git, leader, and herbie
Trowbridge wiltshire
Clitheroe lancashire
Site manager
Team lol cadbury heath fc
242 lb viaduct
8mm pellets
Woodland view
Bristol upper avon champion and giving merce and andy may a lesson on stick float fishing on the weaver
Top tip be polite and help others
Exception to above gooners lol
Shearwater on the swing tip 1977
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Jan 8, 2009
Stamford Bridge
Full Name
Mark Hathway
Ok Zinks....

Name: Mark Hathway
Also known as: Hathers, affers, Heathers, halfway, appleway, Bogo, k***, knobbie
Lives: Purley, Surrey
Hometown: Mitcham , Surrey
Occupation: Recently Retired I:T Service Manager, now Q&A production Storesman!
Team: None
Biggest Match weight: 340lb carp on floaters! 165lb Bream or 75lb of Irish Roach
Favourite bait: Caster
Favourite method: Feeder fishing for Bream on big (ish) venues
Favourite commercial venue: Old Bury Hill & Stafford Moor
Favourite natural venue: River Mole, Kennet and Thames, Loch Erne, Southern Ressies
Career highlights: runner-up with that 75lb of roach on a 250 pegger that won £750, OBH match record with 165lb of Bream and that 3:09 Roach of course taken on a Total-Fishing day out on the R.Test with Fordy on The Tele
Top Tip: If you think it DO IT!!
First Match: Mitcham As club match at willinghurst when the carp were 12ozs!
Fav Angler: Spindle
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Sep 4, 2011
Full Name
Mark Saunders
Name: Mark Saunders
Also known as: mark_s
Lives: Kingsteignton, Devon
Hometown: Newton Abbot, Devon
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Team: None (formerly Keenets Milo South West)
Biggest Match weight: 288lb Alders on a top kit
Favourite bait: Casters
Favourite method: Waggler for silvers
Favourite commercial venue: Stafford Moor, although if I lived closer it might be Tunnel Barn or Glebe
Favourite natural venue: Upper Tamar Ressie
Career highlights: Viaduct Silvers All Winners final winner 2015, team runners-up national medal 1996, section win intermediate national 1993
Top Tip: What Hathers said, if you think it do it!
First Match: 1987 Junior match at Rackerhayes, fished the wrong peg. Caught 2 Perch for 3ozs which wasn't last and won a Drennan floatfish rod rest head
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john milne

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Jun 8, 2011
Name: John Milne
Lives: Cambridge
Hometown: Enfield, North London
Occupation: Mechanical Services Supervisor.
Team: Johnson Matthey AC / BurtBaits
Biggest Match Weight: 290 lb Arrans Lake on top kit
Favourite bait: Meat or pellets
Favourite method: Pole at 5m
Favourite commercial venue: Rookery Waters, Pidley.
Favourite natural venue: Hatfield Forest Lake. Tench heaven back in the day!
Career highlights: Low Road AC club champion in the 80's.
Top Tip: Think outside the box. If things aren't happening for you, make them happen.
First match: Low Road AC early 80's.
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Jan 8, 2009
Stamford Bridge
Full Name
Mark Hathway
Favourite natural venue: Hatfield Forest Lake. Tench heaven back in the day!

John, I fished a night match (interclub) there must have been about 1975, loads of tench between 8oz-3lbs


Sep 14, 2009
Full Name
Ken Kendall
Small world!
Hatfield Forest Lake, night fishing in the early '70s.
Tench were also the target - no wonder the wife thought I smelt strange.


Ian Simpson
Jun 18, 2010
Name: Ian Simpson
Also known as: iansi, Simo, Hightower (oh and Simon to some soft, carrot crunching buffoon!)
Lives: Greasby, Wirral
Hometown: Liverpool
Occupation: Part time Ops Director who wishes he wasn't part time anymore.
Team: Mosella NW
Biggest Match weight: 247lb Glebe
Favourite bait: not sure I have a favourite, corn and pellet are the most used
Favourite method: anything that involves a float going under!
Favourite commercial venue: Probably Glebe although Weston runs it close.
Favourite natural venue: Inniscarra or Garadice in Eire.......loved fishing there!
Career highlights: getting made redundant.........I could fish more often after that!
Top Tip: Don't try and do too much, get you venue/peg info and make a decision to do 3 things and do them well.
First Match: Probably 1971 at Rainford Res as a junior and I beat my dad with 7 perch!

Ben Field

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Oct 20, 2013
Full Name
Ben Field
Name: Ben Field
Also known as: Bennyboy
Lives: St Tudy, Cornwall.
Hometown: Born Ascot, Berks.
Occupation: Tackle Shop Owner.
Team: None.
Biggest Match weight: 180lb at Stafford Moor. Bomb and pellet. Twoz a big match covering numerous lakes. Won Woodpecker and was 3rd overall. I’ve really not fished many commercials since so never had chance to better it.
Favourite bait: Dead maggots.
Favourite method: Feeder.
Favourite commercial venue: Stafford Moor.
Favourite natural venue: Upper Tamar.
Career highlights: Southern Angler of the year 2005, winning the final at Withy on paste. Runner up ‘06. Proudest - although it won me nothing - was my first national at 15. Growing up in Cornwall we have no rivers or canals and for one day only I found myself on the Grand Union canal somewhere around Milton Keynes. I’d never even seen a canal before hopping off the bus and getting to my peg - surrounded by far older, wiser and more experienced team anglers. I was very shy and nervous. I was given some squatts but had never used them before so mostly stuck to pinkie and groundbait all day (as I might on the lakes at home in winter), on a line at about 9m down the track. Using a borrowed pole no less. I had an enjoyable day, but pretty much just kept myself to myself and didn’t know how anybody was doing or what to expect. I knew literally nothing about the place, how to fish it or even where I was! When they came around with the scales, my little roach net weighed just over 2kg. I kicked myself a bit as I know I could have caught much more had I not tangled my one and only dibber rig on the far bank after having caught a quick succession of dumpy roach and perch on caster from underneath the tree opposite. I only owned an 8m pole, so shipping a borrowed 13m pole and breaking down twice was not my forte. Still, I got back on the bus having not had the courage to speak to anybody. Finding a seat near the back, a guy sat down next to me. I recognised him from his holidays in Cornwall when they visited Lakeview Country Club where I fished. One of the Daves of Middlewich crew I believe who travelled down there with Andy and Daddy May each year. He asked how I’d got on and was very complimentary when I told him. Obviously at this point we couldn’t tell how I’d really done overall, but he reckoned is beaten most on the bus, including him. To me I was just catching what was in front of me, and I was oblivious that my tiny pinkie-caught fish were actually twice the size of the squatt-stamp that everybody else was getting. Well, I didn’t win it or anything quite so heroic, but I was proud of my 5th position in the giant 72-peg section.

Top tip: Practise! (I never get time to)
First Match: Lakeview Country Club, Cornwall. I was 12 (summer, 1993). I was getting quite used to catching a few roach on my waggler rod and had just read an article in one of the magazines about Fishing your first match. While I always caught well pleasure fishing with half a pint of maggots and a bag of groundbait, I bought 2 whole pints of the mags and decided I was going to empty it. I didn’t own a seatbox or anything at this point, but remember the peg I drew and weighing 12oz for absolute last. My dad isn’t an angler so I was just out on my lonesome giving it a go. A year later I’d won my first match.