Thames Festival 2018


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Feb 7, 2009
The 3 day Thames Festival was fished on September 4th till September 6th, by a sell-out field of 78 anglers on the Thames at Abingdon, Culham and Appleford. The match was fished in mainly bright sunny conditions with a clear and barely moving river but the fish fed throughout which provided a very exciting and ultimately very close finish. The top 2 anglers Drennan Oxford team mates demonstrating their class by winning their sections each day and could only be separated by ounces at the end.
The event was followed by a presentation, meal and raffle at Abingdon United football ground. Sponsor of the 1st place cup and also provider of the online results service was Score Fishing ( Sponsors of the numerous raffle prizes were Drennan, Sensas, DH Angling, Daiwa, Garbolino, Marukyu, Blakes Baits, John Williams, Guru, Vince Davies.
Day 1
1st Steve Pallet – 63lb 8oz. Steve drew top end peg at Appleford and had bream on a open end feeder and worm.
2nd Dave Harrell - 26lb. Dave drew bottom end peg at Culham and had 2 good bream and the rest skimmers on a open end feeder and worm.
3rd Paul Newell – 20lb. Paull was the peg above Dave Harrell and again had 2 good bream and skimmers.
Day 2
1st Mark Kimber – 22lb 2oz. Mark had a brilliant all roach catch in the rushes at Culham on a 11m pole and caster.
2nd Mark Gaylard – 21lb 3oz. Mark drew the peg below the winner at Culham and also had roach on the pole but also had a nice 5lb tench.
3rd Steve Harwood – 20lb 2oz. Steve was top weight at Abingdon and had roach and skimmers on the pole and caster at 14m on the pole.
Day 3
1st Bob Gosby – 45lb 3oz. Bob drew 1 from bottom end peg at Culham and had all bream on a open end feeder and worm.
2nd Steve Harwood – 23lb 3oz. Steve drew in the 1st peg in the wood at Culham and had a brilliant net of all roach on 12m pole and caster.
3rd Steve Lowther – 21lb 1oz. Steve drew top end peg at Appleford and had bream and skimmers on a open end feeder and worm.
1st Steve Harwood – Drennan Oxford – 3 points – 55lb 1oz
2nd Steve Townsend - Drennan Oxford – 3 points – 54lb 5oz
3rd Dave Harrell – DH Angling – 9 points – 44lb 7oz
4th Brett Cooper – Drennan Bordon – 9 points – 41lb 3oz
5th Joe Roberts – Drennan Sensas – 9 points – 29lb 6oz
6th Steve Lowther – Daiwa Dons - 10 points - 46lb 6oz
7th Liam Page Smith _ Sensas A4 – 10 points - 30lb 4oz
8th Bradley Gibbons – Maver – 10 points - 27lb 7oz