Spring Has Finally Arrived At The Glebe



It's been so cold and wet, I wondered if we were ever going to have a Spring. Of course it happened, although it was suddenly more like high Summer, Spring seems to have passed Leicestershire by. We've gone from bare trees and nothing growing to green trees and everything (especially weeds and brambles) growing at a rate of knots. Lots of spraying and mowing to be done now.

Pool 9 is looking MUCH BETTER, Roy has planted loads of grass seed and it's just about coming up. The reeds are growing nicely and most of the mud has gone, although the far end of the car park is still a bog. All of the lakes are looking good. I had a couple of hours fishing dog biscuit on Pool 8 and had a mirror of 17lb 8oz, a white ghostie of 13 lb, a couple of other doubles and a few smaller ones...not bad at all for a couple of hours fishing.

I wandered down to peg 26 on Pool 1 the other day on one of the recent hot days and caught about 100 lb of carp plus over 70 lb of skimmers. I'm really looking forwards to this summer's matches.

The fishery is currently closed until our season starts on June 1st but we have a few matches scheduled over the next few weeks. The Ivan Marks memorial matches take place on 19th / 20th of the month. Both days sold out weeks ago, numbers are limited to 76 anglers giving everybody an end peg or an empty peg one side or the other. Then it's a Maver or Golden Reel (can't remember which) on the following Wednesday, the David Hall Memorial match on the Friday, the Sue Marlow Memorial Match in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support on the Saturday (26th) and another Maver / Golden Reel the following day. Phew...busy busy!. Incidentally, I still have a few tickets available for Sue's match on the 26th. Again it's limited to 76 pegs and tickets are £20 (all money to the charity) plus pools on the day. Let me know if you'd like to fish.

We had a little spell where everything in the world was trying to eat our fish. Cormorants were regular visitors and one morning Roy woke up to find 4 koi dead at the side of one of his ornamental pools. We suspect a mink or an otter. Thankfully, whatever it was seems to have moved on, we've had no more bodies and haven't seen any other signs. Cormorants have disappeared...touch wood, although they could be turning up at silly o clock at first light I suppose. There are a few herons around but they don't do the same amount of damage as the previously mentioned.

Roy and I went to visit the fish farm at Rodbaston College where he buys his small carp for growing on. Apart from a selection of healthy little mirrors and commons, there was a vat containing some very special F1s. Not the normal ones that come from Israel (and possibly bring KHV with them), these were a cross between British carp and British brown goldfish. They should have the same characteristics as the normal F1s but British through and through. I think we'll end up with some to grow on in one of our small stock ponds.

That's about all there is to tell you so far. I've tied up a few rigs and desperately need to buy some new keepnets before the season starts, mine are in an embarrassing state.


OK you're both on. Pay me on the day and please make sure to let me know if you can't make it.



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Dec 2, 2008
A few are staying at PI at Liester Forest East that night in readyness for the Maver next day, Ill be going home after Sues I have to watch with my boys! Be back for the draw Sunday!
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