Pondwood Farm


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Nov 11, 2008
It was off to Pondwood Farm again for me and Rick to fish their Thursday open. Having had our first visit last week, it is a big learning experience but the venue is decent, the company is good and the local golf club do a very nice breakfast…..what more could we want.

The match this week was on Pegs 11 -28 and after a quick reckie before the draw I decided that Pegs 11,13, 16 or 28 (the peg Rick won from last week) would do for me. So, draw time arrived and where did I draw…..? Peg 22. To be fair all the pegs looked ok and all had at least a spare peg either side. An added bonus for me was that the chap who would have been on Peg 24 didn’t turn up so I had a bit more room.

Arriving at my peg following a nice short walk, I quite fancied it for a few fish. Yes it was narrow, probably about 10 metres wide but it was quite well shaded by trees and a yellow tipped float would show up brilliantly right up against the far bank.

My tactics for the day were to be dobbing bread all along the far bank as the colour has now started to drop out of the water, expander or banded pellet on two lines against the far bank (one in front and one to my right near the wires that divide the pegs (and keep the cormorants off the water). I also set up a rig to fish in the deep water with GB and dead maggots.

Having watched a clip of Jon Arthur dobbing at Tunnel Barn I had some idea of what to do and was confident that if they wanted some bread then I would catch a few fish. First put in I shipped out to my right, lowered the bread in slowly and the float shot under almost straight away – what a start I thought until the fish shot off to my right and snapped my 0.13 hooklength. Grrrrrrr I attached a stronger 0.15 hooklength which didn’t seem to put the fish off as in the next hour I had two decent carp of probably 5lb each and another 4 of about 2lb. So with 4 hours still to go I was doing ok with about 18lb when I thought 60lb would be a framing weight. However, things then began to go a bit Pete Tong as 5 minutes without a bite soon stretched to 10 mins and when It reached 15 I decided that it was now time to switch to the pellet rig and start to feed some micros. The rest of the match went well as by dripping in a few micros and the odd 4mm pellet and fishing either a banded 6mm or 6mm expander on the hook I managed to keep a few fish coming by switching between a 6mm expander and a banded 6mm and swapping between the two far bank lines. Infact I was getting so many bites that I never even tried the deep water line so my Gb and dead reds went back home to reappear next Thursday !

As the temperature began to drop, the bites slowed tremendously and in the last half hour I only netter another 3 carp which I thought might cost me dearly if the others were still catching.

As the scales arrived 79lb was top weight, which I knew I couldn’t get near but match organisor Vic Franklin was second with 54-8-0 and I thought I might just have that. Sure enough, my small fish net went 21lb and I was please to see my big fish net (anything over a pound) pulled the needle round to 35-8-0 and a very welcome total of 56-8-0, just 2lb ahead of him – SORRY MATE !

So another enjoyable trip to Pondwood and am already looking forward to next week when we move on to yet another section of the lake.

Result – Top 5

Martin Kiy……………….….Peg 13………….79-4-0

Dave Pearson……………..Peg 22…………56-8-0

Vic Franklin………………Peg 11………………54-8-0

Mark Bowerman………Peg 20……………..53-8-0

Rick Baxter……………….Peg 18………………51-6-0