Off to Island for the Day !


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Nov 11, 2008
Well that was a decent weekend ! Having watched England trounce the South Africans from behind the sofa (not really sure how they did that but a wins a win) and the mighty Hammers defeat Burnley 4-2 it was off to Orchard Lake 6 Sunday morning with 25 of my mates for another MFS extravaganza.

Arriving at the Lake following a hearty breakfast at Jimmy's Cafe I was immediately informed that we were two men down as one had a broken down car and the other - to put it politely, had a delicate stomach ! So with only 26 fishing we all had loads of room and when everyone else had drawn I was left with Peg 7, on the second island to the right of the spit.

Whilst it is a decent peg and one I have won from before, the main tactic is fishing 14.5 metres to the island which when you have a bad shoulder and are more happy fishing 5-6 metres is a bit of a shock to the system.
For company I had Dave Vincent one side and The Spindle the other.

Tactics for the day were to be the aforementioned long pole to the island, a paste rig just off the rushes to my left, a maggot rig in the edge to my right and a pellett rig at 5 metres. Starting at 5 metres with a 4mm expander produced nothing in the first 20 minutes so that was quickly binned and for the first time ever at Orchard despite trying them off and on throughout the match I never had a bite in either of the two edges.

So, long pole it was and starting 18 inches short of the island and feeding dead maggots in some sloppy GB through a kinder cup I soon began to pick up the odd small carp and F1. My across rig was a Drennan .3 wire stemmed F1 Float on 0.16 mainline to a 0.15 hooklength and Size 14 Kaizen hook carrying 3 maggots and the elastic a Middy 10-12 solid which was spot on for the peg. Halfway through the match I felt I needed to do something to try and catch quicker so set up another rig to fish nearer the island in the slightly shallower water. This seemed to work better and I continued to catch well until the 3.30pm finish.

At the weigh in for my section of 9 anglers I knew I was unlikely to beat Gary Cooper as he is too good for me (and that's how it turned out as his 125lb beat my 110-14-0). Dave Vincent also pushed me down a further place with 113lb. Whilst I had an enjoyable day it was frustrating as I felt that if I had done a few things a bit different then I could have won as the weights were all very tight.

Well done to the framers

Sam Docker 129-8-0
Gary Cooper 127-8-0
Mark Hathway 114-0-0
Dave Vincent 113-0-0
Dave Pearson 110-14-0
Jeff Driscoll 110-0-0
Mar 26, 2018
Nice report Dave and i'm proud to have witnessed the Pikey long pole prowess :D
After 3 attempts at 5m and margins, where i never had a bite or sign of a bite, i caught all my fish at 11m and 13m. chap next to me packed up with an hour to go as he had only caught 8 or 9 fish. that was a first for me in not catching anything short.
had 37 fish for 72lb which included a 4lb carp.