Munkees vs Shandees 2020


Mar 14, 2009
Full Name
Steve Wynn
Info taken from Facebook:

Munkees Shandees 2020 - Official Booking Thread
Is Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th September at the Glebe. Please note no Saturday this year. Format will be any method all 3 days. No rod only day this year.
Advance payments of £30 will be required to confirm your place - please pay paypal friends and family to Pools will be £15 a day payable at the beginning of the 3 days.
The following 42 people fished last year and get 1st refusal for this year. It is difficult to know where to put the thread for all the different people so are going to need help passing the message around to people on this list. There will be spaces for others not on this list as I know a few who are not planning to come this year.
Woody conf
Rolly conf
Docksey paid
Hathers paid
Pikey paid
Lummox paid
Chilly paid
Barry Robson
AndyG conf
Rick paid
MickyD paid
Dazman paid
Mickynobites paid
Andy Day paid
Bryan Buygoodtackle paid
Paul Law paid
Silvers – Dave Johnson conf
Spindle paid
George Tamayo
Richard Farrow
Jeff Driscoll paid
Steve Daniels paid
Keith Hogg paid
Ian Mclaren paid 2 days Ian Rickard paid 1 day
Merce paid
Jads paid
Jago paid
PeteM paid
Shorey paid
Ruddyroach Paid
Jase the bike Paid
Nige C conf
Hillbilly paid
Richo paid
Ian Si
Neil Drawbag paid
Baz Wrexham paid
Les H paid
Bet Rowlands paid
Barry Rowlands paid
Tony Matthias paid (by Steve Wynn)

first day get there for 9.30 to sort money. drawing 9.45-10 fish 12-6pm... will announce other days later