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May 1, 2009
Forest Of Dean
Good morning all, I am in the market for a new seat box and had been looking at the above.

On first inspection/viewing (albeit in a shop, not on the bank) everything looks good with the box, but I am enquiring for information on anyone who has had the box for a period of time and can let me known their 'honest' thoughts on it.

many thanks


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Mar 27, 2009
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Alan McGuire
Had one for a year now, there were problems with the seat splitting on the corner seem, however mine was replaced and Map have now rectified the problem.

It is the best seat I have had and light by comparison to most other boxes, I moved the cassette tray from under the seat into the stack for extra height so under the seat lid is enough space for my floats, not a fan of multiple trays of floats that never get used. The box has a deep and shallow drawer with compartments.

The locking handles for the legs are good and strong, very sturdy when set up. The carbon equivalent to me does not warrant the price and Rive which is well made is heavier and expensive. Octobox, could be considered but very mechanical, popular box for the enthusiast but too much going on for me.

Hope that helps.


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Jan 20, 2013
Rainham, Kent
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Michael Rose
I've had mine now for around a month or so and have been out on it around 7 times to now start forming an opinion of the box.
So far I'd say it's the best box I've ever owned and will certainly out last the previous Preston models I've had. I upgraded from a silver absolute which even with 30mm legs never felt properly stable when the legs where extended which when sat in the water was not good. I have had the Z36 extended when sat in the edge on a slippery clay surface and the box was solid all day.
It's light enough to carry easily with the strap if fishing close to car, however it does take a bit of manoeuvring to get in on your shoulder properly. The first time I picked it up via the strap it tipped forward and emptied my trays out!
Also the footplate sticks out a bit more when closed so I've found I have to extend the footplate to put it on my barrow to then be able to get my bags on as well.
I've added two winder trays above the frame, with one directly below the seat. I found if I put a draw unit directly under the seat then it didn't open when sat on it, however it's a configeration I've become used too so I'm happy to do that.
It's now extremely comfortable.
The only other slight negative I've found is that the hand wheels for the legs are slight awkward to use with wet hands, also because they've lost the patent to the swiveling handwheels position the handwheels stick out to the back which again takes a bit more room up in the car. It does though make it easier to get to them when levelling on the bank which I've found really handy.
The build quality seems superb so far, the clips are brilliant and don't come open like my absolute ones were constantly doing.
The footplate is also smooth to pull in and out and the locking mechanism is simple and clicks in easily.
All in all I can see it being a box I will have for many years.