Lockdown outings


Sep 14, 2009
Full Name
Ken Kendall
November lockdown fishing
Friday 6th – my few hours on the Jubilee Lake at Poppy Hill are best forgotten. I hauled my gear through the muddy paths to try one of the recently dragged swims which had plenty of depth and lilies both at 11meters and to my right. Sadly even a single pinkie failed to attract the attention of a fish - 3 blank hours. I wished I had taken a float rod as about 20 meters to both left and right of me fish topped and were often scattered presumable due to an active predator.
Sunday 8th – Pebs booked Dani’s peg 20 for me as I wanted to get the better of my nemesis that the four corners of my favourite How End venue have been. For the first five fours I only took silver fish while watching Pip and Marcus landing carp after carp from casts to the island grasses. My embarrassment was eventually eased when a few big carp turned up in the shallows to my left and four beauties from 5lb to 9lb were netted.
Sunday 15th – Dani’s again, this time corner peg 16 in horrendous weather. My umbrella went up before 08:30 as the cold rain was carried into my face by a gusting, sometimes gale force wind that threatened to send me back home. I had intended to start at 12 metres on the sunken island however the wind was so nasty ‘top kit plus one’ spots were all I could do at the start. A small ball of dampened and squeezed micros fed straight in front was followed by a 6mm expander. I clung onto the umbrella and was amazed to see elastic leaving the pole – the first of 7 nice carp kept me going when giving up may have been a sensible option! The wind continued but I was able to take down the umbrella as the rain eased and this gave me a chance to fish the near margin. Feeding again was a ball of micros then a pinch of the same after every bite; 4 big carp came from this line. The sun, by noon, was brilliant and the stiff wind was less blustery so I went with the long pole to just short of the corner vegetation. A further 6 sizable carp were tempted by a Janners hooker pellet – my clicker registered over 60lbs and I was able to head for home with some satisfaction at 13:30. As Pebs said when I drove away “you can only catch them when they are there”.
Wednesday 18th a visit to Greensands where owner Rosie allocated me peg 25, a swim which provided plenty of bites through our summer matches. The sign at the fishery entrance indicated a full house and so it was with a senior citizen at almost every peg. I toiled for nearly five hours but landed only five fish, 3 bream, a roach and a 5lb mirror carp. Advice was that bream would be found in the deepest part and carp would be close to the island. All my bites came from a 2 plus 2 line but far too many did not result in a fish on the hook (more practice needed?). Sadly fishing the margins and at 14 metres to the island produced nothing for me but I could see others enjoying long pole catches despite the strong, cold wind that we all fought to master. I had hoped to learn what baits are best, whether to feed or not and where to catch – ah well – I’ll have to again.