Its like fishing with the stars ( an old article by RobB)


Oct 17, 2008
Full Name
Chris Royle Esq
Well against my better judgement RobB had convinced me to take him to the Zinkys world famous pool in February. Feeling forced not to let him down in his hour of need after all the stress of working on the 380 Airbus.
Thursday night came and went I had not got any tackle ready it was still to cold for me even thinking about going fishing.

Friday morning arrived yes the can’t be arsed mode had arrived no tackle no bait etc but that just seams to be my approach these days but I promise I will get motivated for the Glebe and Rolfs.

After my morning rations of my new life style of various versions of cardboard cereals and orange juice “the new slim Zinky is looking good“ the time had come to move Mr’s Zinkys motor out of the garage and look for some gear that had not see the light of day since Esthwaite at the end of October. Anyway I decide just to take a waggler rod! Leaving the pole at home, far to cold for the pole these days my hands get very cold so it was fishing with hands in pockets and wait for the wrap round.

Down to tackle shop for 2 dozen of his hand picked reads then down the road to meet Rob. 5 miles from the water Rob phones are we still going? Yes you Muppet !Rob replies I thought you had ducked out as you did not seam interested “and how right he was”.

Anyway on driving down the lane in 4” of mud getting my new car dirty something was looking very odd a least 5 huge trees were missing they had been lost in the storm a few weeks before it all looked strange these trees must have bed 200 years old and more.

The water looked ok a little dirty but that was to be expected as it takes water of the surrounding fields. Rob arrives all excited and can’t wait to get going for a little bloke who has been up for 24 hours and worked a night shift he looked on top form walking tall for a little man but his water proofs are made for a man 6ft tall I have never seen such big turnips on a bib and brace and those cuffs. Next time you see him just take a look

What pegs are we fishing any deep water Rob asks with the enthusiasm of a 10year old so I decide on the far bank so we can fish next to each other? That’s me set up in record time on the waggler cast in red maggot on the hook bingo fish on a small roach last years fry were all over the surface. Rob decides on the pole and fishes out at about 10m slightly to his right I correct him fish straight and fined the ledge and fish just at the bottom of the ledge.

Roach every chuck this was not getting me down my hands were getting cold. Rob was a little slower but we were not finding the carp. The little on then decides to Fish the Hook on the Loop method that is sleeping buddy Giles had told him all about Bingo a carp on the first put in.

Quote hey “Zinky it’s like fishing with the stars” err how to do work that one out “ EASY Mick Wilkinson Floats, Ringers Pellets and Giles Cochrane’s Hook on the Loop”.


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