How have you got on? 9/12/18


Sep 14, 2009
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Ken Kendall
Corner peg 16 on Danis Lake was my swim for the latest How End Winter League match. With a stiff breeze into the corner it was not a fancied peg; it was no surprise when all I had put in the net after four hours was half a pound of small fish. On the peg to my right Toby Bird took his first carp with more than three hours gone – he fished punched bread at 14.5 metres to where the depth shallows in front of the island. There being no island for me to fish to I had plumbed around to find the shallowest water over the notorious ‘sunken island’, this was at about 11.5 metres. Early looks in the area had been fruitless so when I swung a silvers rig out with less than an hour to go I was not expecting what happened. I landed six carp for 23lb 2ozs and lost another before the finish was called.

Result – 16 pegs on each lake.

  1. Mark (Titch) Wilson peg D20 – 69lbs 6ozs.

  2. Darryl Anderson . – peg Y13 – 56 – 4

  3. Maek Wells . . . . . – peg Y12 – 51 – 0

  4. Mike Clarke. . . . . . – peg Y10 – 48 – 0

  5. Toby Bird . . . . . . . .- peg D15 – 35 – 2

  6. Paul Bolodas . . . . .– peg D19 – 25 - 12


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Mar 27, 2009
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Alan McGuire
Wish I could say how I got on but not been fishing, apart from a festival in October, hope to be out week Sunday.


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Feb 26, 2009
Franco Kent
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Steve Allen
Fished Longshaw with the Layabouts last Wednesday drew peg 8 not a bad draw decided to fish at 13 Mrs a 2 x2 and edge
First put in at 13 mtr hook a lump heads for the rushes rig trashed set up again same thing happens 3rd put in small f1 a couple of skimmers then nothing back to 2x2 Carp first put in then a Chub by this time guy to my left is asking what bait you using etc had this for the next five hours !!!! Anyway had 18lb odd for nowhere but beat all to my left 40lb odd won on other side of lake and lost a pound to Mr Gilbert who had 22lb odd


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Jan 6, 2009
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Ian Mason
I managed to get out today, Covey 5 on Partridge, peg 128. Not a bad draw according to the guy in the tackle shop. The fish are usually found at a depth of 3 feet he said. I haven’t set foot on the place for 2 years so I was a bit rusty.

When I got to it the peg looked okay, nothing stood out but I found two areas, one at 10m and a similar line at 13m both with a flat bottom of 3 feet. These were towards the far bank. I also found a 3 foot spot at the pallet to my left. I also plumbed two deeper swims down the track.

I started by “dobbing” bread and foul hooked one straight away. It tore off and the hook pulled. After that nothing from any line. After half an hour I switched to maggot, feeding about 10 at a time plus a few micros via a small pot. First put in, gently lowering the float and off it shot again, another foul hooker that never saw the net.

After that I would get tiny indications from each line but nothing positive. Swapped and changed lines trying to find the fish but all to no avail. After 2 and a half hours all I had to show for my efforts was a tiny blade of a skimmer.

Then after about 3 hours I managed to snare a F1 from the 10m line to my right but nothing else followed. Fortunately in the last hour I hooked and landed 5 more F1s all from the 13m to my left. Those 6 F1s and the skimmer gave me a grand total of 16lbs 8oz for fourth.

It was cold and hard! 29lbs was the winning weight, Mightymaggot snared 26lbs 15oz for second and Coxx123 26lbs 4oz for third. Roll on Summer!

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