How do you prepare your skrettings?

Dec 22, 2015
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Sam Docker
Morning all

As the title says, how do you go about soaking your skrettings?

With micros i just put the water on, swash them around to make sure they're all wet and then drain the water of. I do a similar thing with 4mm and 6mm but leave the water on a little bit longer. My micros are usually ok but I find the 4s and 6s dry out fairly quickly.

Just wondering how other people prep theirs in terms of how much water and how long they soak etc to see if there's a better way than how im doing them at the moment

Jan 8, 2009
Micros 3 pint tub 3/4 fill with pellets fill to top with water give them a good mix and shake squeeze all the water out of the air holes on the lid leave upside down I do this 20 minutes prior to needing them tip them in a bowl give them a good wizz up with your hands to separate the clumps and they are ready to go, if i want them sticky out comes the horlicks

4 and 6mm's I put what i need in a bowl just add a splash of water whiz them around with your hand so each one gets a drop then tip onto a maggot riddle to lose any excess water again i do this about 20 minutes prior, if im fishing up in the water I give the pellets a shake in the riddle, or use them dry

I never suffer from stodgy pellets and they never float
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Marcus Page

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Jan 9, 2009
West Sussex
Micros on the bank swish them round in water and drain them.

4 and 6 i do the night before,For bottom fishing, 1 pint pellet to 3/4 pint water put the pellets in a large flat tray like a cat litter tray add the water and leave overnight, bag them in the morning and off i go, you can hook these when nuisance fish are about and they want a soft pellet.
You must use a flat tray as you want the pellets to spread right out and very shallow, if you use a bowl, the ones at the bottom will turn to a mush.