Help for a friend

Steve Mac

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Feb 7, 2015
Sussex by the Sea
Hi All,

Hope everyone is well.

I received a message from GrahamA last night, who some of you may recall and who now resides in NEW ZEALAND, asking about a quite specific subject. Here's the message.....

I recall a series of articles in Match Fishing mag a few years ago on ground-baits by an English guy living in Italy. I think it was in every month for about 10 months. I could do with getting copies. Any chance you might have scanned them ? Can’t recall the year but try July 2013 and go back in yearly editions from mid summer? Ta, G.

I stopped scanning and archiving magazine articles back in about 2011, and didn't purchase the magazine for a few years up until about 2014 / 5, so can't help. If anyone help G out it'd be much appreciated. The articles MAY have been by Gus Brindle.

Please don't turn this into a remembering times past, or a "welcome back" thread. I just need help trying to find these articles for G. He has already tried MF directly.

Thanks, on behalf of myself and Graham