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It's's really really WET. If any members have a hotline to the man upstairs could you please ask him to turn the taps off :).

There's lots of work to be done but the ground is just too boggy. Pool 9 is now full and the reeds have been planted around half of the lake, the rest will be planted just as soon as it's dry enough to get the machine on the banks.

We had a "friendly fire" incident last week:). We'd had a few visits from big birds in black coats who eat their own weight of fish every day. We had one such visitor on Pool 1 so Roy grabbed his trusty weapon and crept up the slope by the toilet block. I was on lookout duty from the living room window. Saw the c.....t dive in peg 12 and passed the message on to Roy. He was hidden behind a bush and heard the flapping of wings as the bird surfaced and began to take off. Bang !! dead c........t ... and 3 dead Canada Geese!!. The whole flock had taken off at the same time as the black death bird and there were bodies all over the lake. One of Roy's shooting friends wanted a Canada Goose to eat (gawd knows why, the last time he gave one away even the family dog refused to eat it:)). The local fox had taken another of the geese and Molly the bait thief had started eating the third one. She'd dragged it up the hill at the side of the house and proceeded to have a mouthful or two whenever she was peckish. Eventually she'd eaten all the best bits and there was just a couple of wings and a carcass left. For the next three days one of our friendly buzzards spent hours there, picking bits off the remains, it was really cool to see. We also saw a kingfisher the other day, only the second one that I've seen at The Glebe. We used to see one most days when I fished the River Mole at Leatherhead.

The lease of Foundation Lake ends in mid-April. We took a lot of the fish out when we netted it recently and we'll have a go at catching a few more on rod and line once the weather warms up a bit.

The fishing's the usual winter fishing bingo, last weekend the first peg on Pool 4 won the match with over 100 lbs, the last peg on the same lake didn't have a bite!.


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Jan 7, 2009
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
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Irvine Michael Hornby
love reading these posts ross , reminds me of the old angling papers (times) i think where we had a weekly article from the bailiff who owned a local pub he would relate a week spent on the hampshire avon around downton.
many thanks mate