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Dec 17, 2008
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Martyn dwane
What ever happened to fishing 45 yards, 70 yards ,100 yards ? now a days when you read a post people say " i was fishing 60 turns , 75 turns etc. that doesnt really tell you how far their fishing unless you are using the same reels or reels with same ratio`s.
when i started to fish a local gravel pit for bream, my brother who is a carp angler would tell where there were bars and features in certain swims,if he had said peg 5 has a large plateau at 40 turns ,i would have been well short as he uses big pit reels as opposed to my Shimano GTM4000.
When and more to the point why has turns taken over from Yards ,just curious .


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Nov 10, 2008
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even though i have mostly the same reels the norm in feeder fishing now is instead of repeated casts to get to the same amount of turns use distance sticks,its so easy and so accurate.if after 5-6 casts youve then clipped up fishing to a feature in fairly shallow water you then dont want to go throught the same process again an create a load of disturbance.
Jan 8, 2009
I'm with you Martin. I used to play a lot of golf and could hit a pitching wedge 140 yards, not 140 revolutions, or turns or anything silly!
stick you method feeder on a tee and you might start getting accurate :)

Most people don't have a scooby doo about distance you ask how far they fished and they tell you hundred yards when really they been fishing 70 max I like to think im good with distances although thats purely down to having a tape measure in my hand for most of my life
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