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Jan 8, 2009
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Bryan Jackson
OK, so I've fished for a good few years now, being mostly self taught with no other family members to mentor or guide, I think I've done fairly well so far (in my own little world..)
One area that I know I am weakest on though is feeder fishing to a far bank or Island, I'm "ok" with a method, not so good with a feeder and a hook length.
A venue I fish a lot in the summer those that can fish the running line properly do really well. I fall into that category of "half a dozen half hearted chucks- let’s see if they're on the pole lines yet".
So I know how to cast (really?) I know how to set up the terminal tackle (again really?) The fish obviously are not in my peg when I'm on the feeder, or I'm using vacuum packed caster instead of fresh....

Id spoken to Col a lot about his days out with various names and always thought, well what can they really tell you? What can they really show you that would make a difference? I've always thought that you can’t fish like anyone else so there is no point listening or trying to kind of thing.

I had talked to Andy Kinder about a feeder "lesson" for quite some time but both with busy diaries it always fell by the wayside and was another year over, meanwhile Id caught my obligatory hang yourself feeder fish over the course of a season with little success.

Last season I had some cracking weights and good finishes, I can’t help but admit If I had had that extra string to my bow on the feeder I would have done better.

Finally bite the bullet we get a day in the diary and I book a long needed day off!

I'm not going to go into the day in too much detail, after all I paid for the privilege and my Coach wouldn't get much business if I told you everything he showed me! Suffice to say what a revelation and eye opening day it was to be. It wasn't a fish a chuck, don't get me wrong I like catching fish but this was about methodology and application.
I was shown where I could have been going wrong (well actually where I was going wrong!) From simple things to feeder size and choice to actual bait used.

I know how to play and land fish, so the tip wanging round every chuck wasn't important like I said, It was practising what we were being shown and taught, and having patience and belief in the method that was important, and sure enough after a couple of hours or so on a cold day early season on a lake that hadn't seen bait for 8 weeks and 2 days of cold rain we started to steadily get a stream of fish coming. It’s really important to note that after an hour MAX of the casting (short mostly as well) in match conditions for me that rod would have been up the bank long ago!

So, Coaching what's the big deal?

I have now confidence in a method I had none before, sounds odd but broken down a mental barrier and finally put at least some of the pieces of the puzzle into an order that may resemble some form of competence in this area!

I’ve been sceptical of "coaching", not from the point of view in "what will I learn" but more "how can they teach me?" Well I will tell you it was worth every single minute and every single penny for me and I'm very grateful!.

A note about my coach. Competent, confident, willing to help tweak and share, great company, puts you at ease and effortlessly coaches, not catches but coaches! Andy Kinder is a top top bloke, I urge anyone that's thinking about any form of coaching to get in touch with him, you will not regret it and it will be the best investment you make in fishing this year!

A word of advice, take a chocolate bar, he really really likes chocolate, and don't be alarmed at the amount of tea one small flask holds, I think it’s a magic one...
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Dec 2, 2008
Some years ago that- just to add that Jago was there that day- and now hes one of the most consistent on that method at the Glebe and Barston - so it paid off.... for one of us :0)