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Jan 7, 2009
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
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Irvine Michael Hornby
having just returned from a short break at my beloved Stafford moor , my phone has been buzzing from members wanting dates for next year ect. so far we have confirmed bookings for the Stafford moor silvers , Woodland view , Glebe pairs and Septembers eagerly awaited 3 days at Todber manor. the Monks pairs will i am sure again be held, and as soon as we know it will be published. As for the momkees /shandies ,there is some confusion so let me put everyone right. this event is not a MFS event , it was run through the site first by sconee, and now by Rick Baxter. we have no input and neither do we wish any. the event has always been a well run bash , and i have no doubt always will be. when i know the dates they will be published.
we have no other plans for any matches, there are only so many days away from home that people can get away with. however any member wishing to run a match can do so at any time.
as for the club itself, well zinks and neptune continue to steer the boat with professional ease for which i am eternally grateful, Bryan G/T Jackson runs our matches with incredible efficiency, our Ken as always banks our dosh and pays the bills. equally as efficient. as always my eternal gratitude to all of the above.

i have booked Andy May for a days coaching for 4 members at partridge fishery ( up norf) for Tuesday 27th October 2020. a thread will be posted three months beforehand. if there is more than 4 wishing to attend , i have the option of adding Jamie Hughes to the coaching staff.
i have also spoken to our very own Pikey who has agreed to do a coaching day for us on the mystery,s of paste fishing. when i next have contact with pikes i will make the necessary arrangements.
i will also be speaking to both Ken and Bryan with regards making our 5 matches into a league with the club putting up prize money, depending on funds obviously. i have a few ideas up my sleeve with regards to numpty's who are attending the glebe pairs. details to follow.

all that remains is for me to thank you all for your support.


Oct 17, 2008
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Chris Royle Esq
Software update due in the next few months
Competitions Raffles I will keep try to sort out some prizes

Les H

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Mar 14, 2011
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Les Hobson
For all that put the effort into running MFS, thank you. I know from my own experience of running a very large fishing organisation you get loads of advice and very little help and there is bugxer all you can do about this. Whilst change is constant one thing we have is the camaraderie, p taking, banter etc. including fighting for the £1 off the next peg! Long may it continue! Carrot crunchers unite!
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