Cheap as Chips!


Jan 8, 2009
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Bryan Jackson
I often see on various forums people saying that if you buy cheap tackle you end up buying twice as it usually is rubbish. Well here is a counter argument, as most of them seem to think that if it is not a well known brand and costing a lot it is no good, nothing could be further from the truth.
Tackle can be cheap and "unbranded" and very good, the prime question is does it do the job it is intended for effectively and is it reliable in terms of performance and longevity. I would argue that a lot of the branded tackle is vastly overpriced as it is branded and by looking around you can get some real quality bargains. I have been buying tackle from China for some time and I can hear some say, but China produces "tat"- well the majority of the "branded " tackle is made there so that counters that argument. The tackle is cheap, performs as good as if not better than most of the branded stuff and is a fraction of the cost.

An example of this stems from me signing up for the winter league at Port Talbot Docks, the whip can be a very effective weapon on some pegs and the last match I fished there I had 19-2, 222 fish, all but 11 on a Chinese whip. I have since bought myself another three- 3.6,4.5 and 5.4m for the princely sum of £14.95 delivered to my door. They are light, slim, carbon and handle well. I had a pike of 4-5lb on the whip last match(didn't count) and at no time did I feel out of control.
Bought from here
Material: Carbon Fiber
Size: 3.6m/4.5m/5.4m/6.3m/7.2m
Top diameter: 1.5cm/1.5cm/1.5cm/2cm/2.5cm
Bottom diameter: 2cm/1.7cm/2cm/2cm/2.5cm

I have bought rods, reels, all manner of terminal tackle and have yet to be disappointed. So before you go spending your hard earned on a "brand" consider the alternatives out there (unless you are a tackle tart! :p)