Angling Trust statement about end of Drennan sponsorship of Team England

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The Angling Trust | NEWS

After an extremely successful 25-year period, the contract for Drennan’s sponsorship of the men’s national coarse angling teams has come to an end.

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Jim Manc

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Jan 6, 2009
I would have thought that Peter Drennan being such an astute business man would have put the anonymous accusation in the bin where no doubt it belonged.
I fear that the sales of Drennan products will drop off accordingly when his customers see how gullible he has been accepting the word of a stranger before the assurances of a national body who represents many of his clients.
Perhaps Mr Drennan should have been receiving annual notification of the sponsorship spend by the NFA/AT and then he could have seen that the accusation was either true or spurious for himself.
It is a great shame that the episode has come to this. Airing views from anonymous people on radio or print will always come back to bite you. Usually in your pocket.
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Aug 15, 2011
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Ray Warren
It seems odd to me that AT are saying that Peter Drennan wanted to interfere in selection of England team when he hasn’t for 25 years. Why now? Something doesn’t sound right and AT response seems typical of unaccountable public body. Independent audit would seem like best way to settle what’s really happened. Very sad it’s come to this.

Jaap Stam

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Dec 17, 2008
Tax Payers Stadium, Stratford.
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Martyn dwane
im more inclined to believe Mr Drennan.
i dont think it will affect Drennan sales one iota , Ive never bought Drennan tackle because he sponsors an England team, i buy it because it`s quality gear at affordable prices.