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    Dec 2, 2008
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    Just seen, and cant quite believe it

    Gary passed away yesterday

    This taken from a friend of his on FB-

    "43 years ago a tall skinny boy knocked on my front door to go clubbing up west , dressed head to toe in outrageous clobber from Vivienne Westwood's new shop SEX he looked the b*****ks , my dad was shocked and Gary chirped up 'evening Mr Farley . . Gary Haisman was the best dressed kid i knew , Had the best wedge haircut in slough, the best local dancer and the coolest girls flocked to him . This lunchtime ive just heard that cool as f*** kid passed away yesterday . His family have asked me to pass on the devastating news . . Gary was one of my best lifelong mates , he lived life fast and sometimes on the edge but his passion for music , clubbing , football and fashion bonded us for life . Gary knew people from all walks of life and made friendships with the most diverse crowds you can imagine from fashionistas to villains to the geezer fishing next to him down by the river and was loyal to them all . It was he who gave me my first real DJ job , it was him who dragged us lot to Shoom , it was him who could walk you into any club or shebeen in london in the blink of a eye . He could also get you into some scrapes and situations you later though ' f*** what was we thinking '. i loved that kid / man and admired him in equal measures .A few days ago he texted me and thanked me for my friendship - i called him a soppy sod , perhaps he was saying goodbye and i wish i had thanked him for his friendship and the decades of good times .. Goodbye Gary we'll all miss you terribly xxxxx i will pass on funeral details when the family inform me ."

    All the forums have introduced us to many people, and given us good times. something not to be forgotten

    RIP Gary
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    Sad day rip Gary haisman (Milo)