Oxford winter league round 2 Thames Medley and Folly

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    The 2nd round of the Angling Trust Oxford winter league was fished by 6 teams of 8 on the Thames at Medley and Folly, The Thames is still in need of some colour and flow but once again the river has fished brilliantly with double figures required to win each section.

    1st Dave Kirk - ISIS - 25lb 4oz. Dave drew one from the bottom end of Medley and had 1 good chub, some big perch and plenty of roach on the pole at 14m with worm and then caster on the hook.
    2nd Steve Pawson - Sensas A4 - 25lb 1oz. Steve drew at the bottom end of the perch bay on Medley and had mainly large perch on worm on the pole over chop worm feed.
    3rd Ian Young - Drennan Oxford - 19lb 9oz. Ian drew at the bottom end of Coca Cola bay at Folly and had 1 chub and quality roach on caster over groundbait feed at 11m on the pole.
    4th Dave Cowley - Sensas Reading - 17lb 14oz
    5th John Taylor - Sensas A4 - 16lb 8oz

    1st Drennan Oxford - 41
    2nd Sensas A4 - 37
    3rd ISIS - 25

    1st Drennan Oxford - 2
    2nd Sensas A4 - 4
    3rd ISIS - 7
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    Thanks John