Oxford Summer league round 5 Sandford and Appleford

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    The 5th round of the Oxford Summer league was fished by 7 teams of 6 on the Thames at Sandford and Appleford, Once again the match was fished in very hot conditions on a clear river but once again there were plenty of roach and bream caught.
    1st Gary Pook - Drennan Oxford Yellow - 18lb 4oz. Gary drew on peg 2 at Sandford and had a tench on worm and a good bag of roach on maggot over groundbait on the pole.
    2nd Steve Pawson - Sensas A4 Green - 17lb 10oz. Steve drew top end peg at Appleford and had 3 bream on the feeder and worm and also had roach on caster on the pole.

    3rd Gary Williamson - Devizes MG - 14lb 1oz. Gary had all roach on caster over groundbait feed on the pole.

    4th John Taylor - Sensas A4 Black - 13lb 1oz

    5th Charlie Somerton - Sensas A4 Black - 11lb 15oz


    1st Sensas A4 Black - 37

    2nd Devizes MG - 35

    3rd Drennan Oxford - 33


    1st Sensas A4 Black - 177

    2nd Drennan Oxford - 170

    3rd Devizes MG - 152

    Personally I had a comfortable day (sat in the shade all day) but disappointing 4lb 8oz of roach for 5th in my section.