Oxford Summer League round 1

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    The 1st round of the Oxford Summer league was fished by 8 teams of 6 on the Thames at Abingdon and Culham. The match was fished in very hot conditions with heavy boat traffic, Most sections were very hard but a few bream showed at Culham.

    1st Mark Harrington – Sensas A4 Black – 40lb 10oz. Mark drew in the rushes at the bottom end of Culham and had 10 bream on pole and worm over groundbait.

    2nd Ian Young – Drennan Oxford Yellow – 30lb 2oz. Ian drew next to the winner and had 5 bream, 2 on the feeder and 3 on the pole and backed this up with 10lb of roach.

    3rd John Hassler – Isis – 26lb 1oz. John was also in the rushes at Culham and also had bream on the pole and worm.

    4th Andrew Chatterly – Devizes MG – 17lb 9oz

    5th Alan Brown – Devizes MG – 15lb 10oz


    1st Sensas A4 Black – 33

    2nd = Drennan Oxford Yellow – 31

    2nd = Devizes MG - 31

    Personally I had a nightmare match in the wood at Culham and scratched 1lb 11oz of tiny bleak and dace and beat a couple with that!