Whats on Matchfishing-scene Website

What's On The Matchfishing-scene Website? As a Registered User you have access to the following sections.

Matchfishing-scene forums…The heart of the Matchfishing-scene community where members can discuss, ask questions and post information.

Matchfishing-scene blogs…If you're not fishing then reading about someone else a day out is the next best thing. Matchfishing-scene membership includes your own 'Blogspace' all you have to do is write about your experiences or, if you prefer just read other member Blogs.

Matchfishing-scene help and advice….This site has been developed by anglers for anglers and the provision of help, advice and support is fundamental to the aims of the guys behind Matchfishing-scene. Whether you are seeking the help of an expert or just another member, this is the place to ask.

We operate a zero tolerance policy to abuse or disrespect of other members meaning the top stars will feel welcome here.

As a Full Club Member you will have access to the following sections. (As above but including)

Matchfishing-scene tuition & coaching … Matchfishing-scene will be actively promoting coaching. Whether it is general, professional coaching for beginners and improvers or to develop top-end match skills, you will find all the contacts you need on the site.

Matchfishing-scene articles…The provision of interesting and new content is one of the key aims of Matchfishing-scene. Articles written by top anglers, journalists and you as members of this club will all be published.

Matchfishing-scene videos…A special module means that the site will also contain video-content ranging from educational to entertainment. Members will be able to post their own content but please keep it clean(ish).

Matchfishing-scene events….The events are what the site is really about. Matchfishing-scene is first and foremost a community based website and we want anglers to come out from behind their keyboards and interact on the bank with other members. Keep your eyes on the Announcements thread and the MFS Calendar.

Matchfishing-scene reviews ….The reviews section is for warts and all reviews are completed by anglers who actually use the products. All members will be encouraged to submit their opinions but it will not be a platform to simply knock manufacturers or promote sponsors tackle.

Matchfishing-scene Chatbox/Shoutbox….The Matchfishing-scene Chatbox/Shoutbox is an innovation that allows members to converse in a style more akin to MSN. It is the place for quick-fire chat with your mates leaving the forum threads for the more detailed discussions they are designed for.

Matchfishing-scene photo section….As with Blogspace, every member gets their own gallery space. Photographs can be uploaded directly from your PC hard disk making it simple to create albums for either your own enjoyment or that of other members.