Warning To All Members Of This Forum...........(Please Read)

Warning To All Members Of This Forum...........(Please Read) Would all Members and Users of this Website and Forums please note.
Be warned that we will not tolerate any abuse in whatever form to another user of this website or forums. Should you wish to abuse, ridicule or take the pee out of anyone, please do not use this website or forums to do so...go elsewhere. This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated at all. (Zero Tolerance)

You will be BANNED immediately and your I.P Address will be barred if you break this rule. Please also note that, You will not get your subscription fees reimbursed in any shape or form.
Lets be different and respect one another's opinions guys, whether they are the same as yours or not.

We have a Chatbox/Shoutbox, our version of Instant Messaging. It's a great place to catch up but we ask you to be conscious of the following. The Chatbox/Soutbox has a limited lifespan, the posts in it auto delete. If you are having an interesting discussion about an aspect of angling, take the time to put a thread up in the main forum then return to your chat. This does two things; it gives others the chance to learn and /or add additional answers to the topic. Remember it's a forum for sharing information and that information in the Chatbox/Shoutbox will only be seen by a few.