Chatbox Rules

Rules of the Chatbox so everyone is aware

No Sexual Innuendo's.

No spamming : Don't spam the chatbox. Spamming includes posting excessive amounts of smilies, excessive amounts of pictures or simply posting over and over again when the chatbox is inactive, among other things - You might get a warning or banned for a day.

Advertising a forum : Want to Advertise a Forum PM an Admin. Posting on the Chat will be a Permanent Ban

Advertising a website (Giving a link without a good reason is not allowed) : Ban from the ChatBox, the duration will be chosen by the moderator..

Threats : Permanent ban from the Chatbox, and member warned, or banned from the forum depending on the severity of the charges

Use English : Since the forum itself is in English. and it's best for everyone to understand you.(Who speak English. As we can't check what you say, this represents a potential risk for us.

Use of SMS language : Ban from the Chatbox in case of abuse for a duration chosen by the moderator.

No Flooding : Ban from the Chatbox in case of abuse for a duration chosen by the moderator.

No porn, no links to porn, no hentai, no links to hentai. Don't be dirty.

No personal attacks on any users

No directly or indirectly disrespecting anybody's race, religion, or origin.

No Copying and Pasting Chatbox Conversations to the Forum.

Do not make a nuisance of yourself The chatbox is for the whole community to use if you find a conversation uninteresting then don't post rather than trying to interrupt the conversation with comments such as "this is boring" to get attention. Like wise do not post annoying things just to get attention (this also counts as spam). Anyone caught causing annoyance to other members will be issued a warning and possible be muted

I'm going to make this as vague as possible. Useless arguments will not be tolerated. If you want to argue with each other, take it somewhere else as I don't care. Not on the chatbox, not on my site, or anywhere where the public can see. Remember that this chatbox is viewable to all members. Not everyone cares to know your business. If an admin is telling you to stop, or that you are breaking a rule, don't argue with them. If you feel the admin is being unjustifiable, or unfair, talk to another admin to analyze the situation from an unbiased point of view.

If we see any of these rules broken, there will definitely be actions taken. You will lose your chatbox privileges and be banned from the chatbox for a few days. Then if you continue furthermore, you will be banned from it completely. If you insist on being a problem, or making a scene elsewhere, you will be banned for a week or so on the site altogether, and then if you still act immature, you'll be banned in general.

The admins don't like to ban people. And we do try to reason with you, and work with you. We'll listen to what you're saying, and take it into consideration. If you have a problem with what an admin has said to you, if you can talk it out reasonably with them, then speak to them about it. We're all willing to listen and work with you, but don't make us out to be the bad guys. We're here to maintain peace, and keep chaos at bay. These are really common sense rules, but we just need to lay them out for you to see so there are no problems. Thank you for your co-operation.

If you notice someone doesn't respect these rules above and there is no moderator in the chat : Take a screenshot of the messages that don't respect the rules in the ChatBox and contact The Chatbox Moderator or Administrator and Global Moderator
Title of your message : ChatBox rules not respected
The message itself :
Member : Indicate the username of the member who doesn't respect the rules
Reason : Indicate which rule(s) the member hasn't respected
Screen : Copy and Paste what they wrote including there name.