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    Herbie will put up the full list of results in due course - Herbie, check your spam filter!!:p

    Today was the first of the new Club League matches as mooted some time ago by Herbie (during the transition period), as a result a new Club League table will appear in the not too distant future with the qualifying matches shown, until I have the confirmation of the dates of the matches please bear with me as I want to put up the table with the league matches in their entirety so there is no confusion.

    Back to today- Boddington showed it's fickle side and the weather did not help!
    Congratulations to Merce, Simon Pavey and Kenfish who filled the first three places.
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    April 18 ----Boddington.------M/O affers
    May 18---Woodland view---H---27/8/9//5/18
    June 18-----hillbilly Glebe pairs----H---22/23/6/18
    July 18--- -Bowsaw 11/7/2018---H
    August 18---Gold valley 15/8/2018---middle---H
    September les H has booked a venue in the staffs/cheshire area. or MvS Glebe
    October --- stafford moor TBC
    November 18----Blundells ---p/fodder
    December 8---- glebe MFS christmas match
    January ----19 need a s/e venue possibly willinghurst silvers match
    February----19 Stafford Moor Sunday match---H
    March 19 ---- cudmore drumble -- poolfodder
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